maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

Tervetuloa Suomeen - Welcome to Finland!

Tia-Maria Sjöblom & Marika Antikainen

The School of Culture and Creative Industries had a great start to the New Year 2013 with the arrival of a record-breaking number of new incoming exchange students. In the spring semester, altogether 45 students will be studying different fields of culture on the Tikkurila and Helsinki campuses. Six of these students are already experts in the Metropolia life after having spent also the autumn semester here, continuing for the spring, and 39 are new students, currently experiencing their first exciting days abroad.

The exchange students arrived to their new home country during the first days of the year, with a surprisingly warm weather, around +2 C, and a light rain. The students were welcomed by their student tutors at the airport and helped to their apartment for the first good night’s sleep in Finland. 

The official programme of the semester began on January 3rd with the incoming exchange students’ orientation, held together with the field of technology. We, the international coordinators, together with the wonderful volunteer student tutors helped the newcomers to settle in and to get familiar with Metropolia, Helsinki and Finnish culture. All students were excited about their spring on exchange and motivated to dig deeper into Finland. For example, despite the long and intensive orientation days packed with important information, they still found the energy to learn the basic vocabulary of Finnish: kiitos (thank you), moi (hello) and moi moi (bye bye) and so on. Their pronunciation was excellent already on the first try!

We had a great time with the students and we wish to spend an excellent semester with them. 
 It only begins now! Welcome, tervetuloa!

Tia-Maria and Marika
International coordinators
School of Culture and Creative Industries

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