tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

My exchange life in Finland

Chen Li
20 years old
Metropolia exchange student from 2012 to 2013
From Donghua University in Shanghai China
Majoring Fashion and Clothing

What a luck that I am an exchange student in Finland, in Helsinki Metropolia. Sometimes I say this to myself. Life here is so great! I love Finland.

I will never forget 17th August, of 2012, I was with what a kind of mood to say goodbye to my parents and then go into the security check without looking back. I knew that I was strong enough to start a new life in a foreign country. And I promise I will enjoy the time there and to be better me.

More than ten hours of flight, I cannot imagine the place waiting for me. Nordic countries are a magic place for the majority of people. Same to me.

So far, I have been living in Finland for three months. It was special, wonderful and amazing. I saw many nice things, went to famous places, visited museums, went to fashion shows with friends, joined the 2012 Helsinki Design Capital Week, had friends from different countries, learned some Finnish and so on.

My major is Fashion and Clothing, and all the equipment and machines are quite good and the classrooms are so nice. Teachers and students are very kind to me, and always explain things to me. My study group has only six students and the professor always give us enough space to design clothes we want.

The university's courses are not too many, so I still have time to go around to know more about Finland. I love to take the camera, wandering on the streets, aimlessly to explore the original Finland.

So lucky I came here in 2012 , the year Helsinki is the World Design Capital, there are many shows and exhibitions in city, and at the same time in Shanghai China, there are some shows from Finland. Metropolia had exhibitions, workshops and presentations and seminar in Donghua University in Shanghai (My school). 26 Finnish students and professors travelled to Shanghai for the event. It was a big success.

I was honored to join in the preparations of the event, and I could eg. organize the Donghua students' organization to assist the exhibition. In this work, I met the Dean of the Faculty and other professors, they are easy-going and I learned a lot from them, also we became good friends after the exhibition week.

I have had here the chance to travel with friends in other Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. And also Estonia and Latvia. They are so great with natural view or historic things. I love them! These are unique experiences and I will certainly explore still more European countries.

I am now living here, I have learned how to cook, how to take care of myself, learned to enjoy life, learned to change the mood into a Nordic way. I even tried the Christmas in Finland style. I have been here for 4 months, and I wonder what will happen in the following 6 months? Let us see it!

At the end, I need to say that we are having the dark winter season now, but I am not afraid of it at all, because in this gorgeous country I have friends, and have nice things to do end to seek. I love it here!

A Very Happy New Year!

Chen Li


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