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Shanghai City Life

Shanghai 3.12.2012, Sanna-Kaisa Laakkonen & Miia Syrjä


We now have been in Shanghai for eleven long days. It's been a once in a lifetime kind of a trip for us. First week went by far too quickly and we didn't get to see much of the city. Luckily we were able to have two days to ourselves and went off to explore the huge city of Shanghai. We visited the Yuayuan Garden, which was very beautiful even though it was raining. We also walked along the Bund and took the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel to the other side of the river. Once we got there, we went all the way up to the 492meters tall SWFC observatory tower. The view was amazing, especially during the evening.

During our second day-off we visited the Shanghai Aquarium. They had about 155 meters long underwater tunnel that had sharks and huge seaturtles swimming on top of our heads. In the evening we went to see the amazing ERA-acrobatic show which we were really excited to see, not only because of the performers but because of the technical side of the show. Unfortunately the multimedia projections were a bit disappointing, they were not polished enough. So I guess there could be a need for collaboration!

We still have a few days left to work, we will be taking the exhibition down and packing up all the technical equipment we brought from Finland.

All in all this trip has been quite exciting and we have learned a lot. Working in these conditions has been very different from what we are used to but everything has went well and after the first week we have been able to relax a bit. We are already a little homesick so we are really looking forward to getting back home on next Monday.

So here is the last video from us, hope you enjoy it!

Best regards
Miia Syrjä and Sanna-Kaisa Laakkonen
Live Performance Technology Students
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Miia & Sanna-Kaisa

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