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Children hospital clothing workshop in Radical Design Week

We were a group of 5 students and our teacher Erja Parviainen to participate the Radical Design Week with a children hospital clothing workshop. The idea was to collaborate with students of Donghua University to create new kind of hospital clothing for children size 80-160cm. As the theme was design belongs to everyone not just the bold and the beautiful.

Before the workshop both groups researched information about their own countries present hospital clothing for children. During the week we collaborated our ideas about future hospital clothing and designed a 5 piece collection. Then we together in small groups made the patterns and sewed the prototypes for the collection. The result looked rather good and most importantly everyone seemed to have enjoyed the week. We were happy that we had the opportunity to learn about another culture and most importantly make new friends.

Here are some pictures of the week. Hope you enjoy!

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Nearly there...
Elina Lappalainen, Niina Liimatta, Hannamari Markkula, Noora Oksanen and Anni Wulff
Nearly there...
Students of Fashion and Clothing
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Tired but happy in Shanghai

1st evening exploring

 Metropolia/Donghua collaboration. First day introducing.

Presenting the preparations made for the week. From these sketches we built a small cohesive collection to which we made patterns and sewed the first samples during our workshop.

More pictures coming soon...

PIC10-14:     Patternmaking in small groups.
PIC15-19:     Patterns, Check! Materials, Check! Sewing, Check! Done, Check!
PIC 20:     Thank you Donghua!

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