tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2012

Tai Chi for beginners workshop

Shanghai 30.10.2012, Peke Huuhtanen

During this workshop we have set up a mocap system in the exhibition room with two Xbox Kinect cameras. With the help of these two kinects we have a simple but effective motion capture studio.

Our goal is to capture some Tai Chi movement and export the data. After this we can import the motion capture data into Maya and source it to our “MetroMan” character. The next step is to polish this movement in Maya using basic key frame animation. We use animation layers on top of the base animation for fixing the movement.
A Chinese student named Luca is working with us. Luca is our Tai Chi expert. He has taught us a lot about the Chinese cultural history including the history of Tai Chi. Luca has been a great help both during the workshop and helping us finding our way round in the massive city of Shanghai.

We have had a good start to the week and hopefully it will carry on the same way to the end.

Metropolia Man, photo by Kaisu Kiventaus

Photo by Reetta Saturo

Photo by Kaisu Kiventaus

3D -workshop Tai Chi, photo by Kaisu Kiventaus

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